July 29 - 31, 2019
The LINE Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Board of Influencers

While our end-users and sponsors lead much of the speaking, we understand a different level of value from our influencer leaders in regards to generating exceptional content, engagement, and as you may imagine-- INFLUENCE!-- in the market and are looking to create a board that is solely focused on guiding the development of our programs in relation to the pulse of the market. As human-centered design and CMP's Design & Innovation portfolio expands it's reach, we've identified an increase need to focus on building a global community and for this, we need more leaders involved in continuing the conversation, building the network, and overall creating a sense of comradery in and around our events.

Our Influencer Leaders are those who:

  • Actively post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, and/or other Social Platforms
  • Enjoy creating content and sharing new ideas
  • Often attend, speak, and/or seek out conferences and research
  • Enthusiastically participate in forums, networks, etc.
  • Excited by the idea of doing things differently

And most importantly, our influencer Leaders are motivated by the idea of being part of a large community mission.

The CMP Design & Innovation Influencer Board:

The CMP Design & Innovation Board pulls together active leaders who offer an insight into the needs of the market we currently serve and wish to expand to. In a similar fashion to a Customer Insights Board, they are the sounding board of attendee feedbacks to our Design & Innovation events. What we offer and require from our Board of Influencers is:

Pre Launch Agenda Feedback and Access:

We want to rely on the board to give initial gut checks and ideas before we launch our agenda. This also gives influencers, insider access to event plans and announcements.

Access to our Blog Postings:

We want to share your ideas and thought leadership! Normally reserved for speakers, we want to offer postings on your own expertise and thoughts around HCD.

Website & Brochure Feature:

Similar to our Advisory Board, you will be featured on all website & brochure listings.

Social Media Promotion on CMP Channels:

Via our Design & Innovation LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, etc. CMP will happily share your though leadership with our network.

Free Access to All Main Conferences:

Similar to our Advisory Board, you receive full access to our main conference days free of charge.

Expectations from the Board of Influencers:

By definitions of the board of influencers, we ask that you are active in our networks and community, To set the standard of the board, we have a few formalized deliverables we require of all members.

Consistent Event Posts/Shares:

Whether you are sharing an article around a general topic and using our Hashtag, to completing the minimum of 3 event promotion posts, we ask that you are a D&I Brand Ambassador!

Once a Quarter Influencer Quorum Call:

Whether completed during an event or via conference call, we ask that the group comes together to discuss their feedback and thoughts in an ideation session.

Feedback and Commentary on Program Ideas:

Minimal requirements include feedback per each agenda and minimal one 1-1 phone call with our production annually to discuss overall D&I topics/goals. We always more feedback if you have the time/energy!

Discretion in Pre-Launch Materials:

As we will be sharing first hand knowledge of all materials, we ask you respect launch dates and big announcements. Release of pre-event materials may result in immediate removal from the D&I Influencer Board.

Open to Speaking:

As many precautions as we take, speakers will always have last minute emergencies-- we ask influencers involved to be open to the idea of a last minute speaking fill-in.

Active Participation in the Community:

We currently have a slack channel, developing out Instagram presence and driving to find greater avenues of community building. We ask you are an active participant in as many channels as possible! We will often reach out to the group at large when we feel there is a need to push conversation or for feedback on questions presented in these forums.

Need More Info?

Email us at info@customermanagementpractice.com