July 29 - 31, 2019
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Hello World… Meet the Evolved Experience Designer for the Post-Digital World

By: Amish Desai

Your customer experience defines your brand. This adage is so powerful that entire bodies of research have arisen at publishers such Forrester and Gartner to examine the inter-relationship between branding and customer experience. Experience design is getting more complicated and exciting. These are challenging and rewarding times for designers who can adapt to designing for post-digital experiences.

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Deliver Superior Customer Experience in 2019

By: Will Leivenberg

Empathy is built into YML's DNA — it is the common thread of the best CX work we do, and of the most innovative companies today. We wanted to learn more about how and why CX, specifically with the help of AI, has become the new battleground at the top of business agendas today

The Evolving Role of Technology

By: Marisa White

As the nature of digital innovation evolves, so does the definition of what it means to be a technology leader. 

PART 3: Human Centered Design as Priority

By: Jose de Francisco Lopez

In the last portion of a three part interview, Jose answers the big question: What are your biggest design thinking/human-centered design related priorities. 

How Communication Impacts Digital Product

By: Marisa White

Communication must be a priority in any organization hoping to launch effective product & service, and if it’s not, you will surely see it reflected in the final outcome.

The Mattel Transformation: Engaging the Next Generation of Players

By: Marisa White

Mattel is a 75 year old company known for creating iconic brands such as Barbie, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, and other traditional toys. The company is moving from brick and mortar, plastic and die-cast, to connected products and online gaming. However the shifting of customer expectations continues to dictate the directions in which the organization is exploring future innovations. 

The Shark Ninja Ecommerce Champion


Ajay Kapoor is the Global VP of Digital Transformation, Shark Ninja leading their initiatives to drive e-commerce sales. We provide a bit more background into Ajay to preface his session on Why Incumbants should never lose. 

What happens if Amazon Enters My Industry?

By: Marisa White

A brief breakdown of the conversation regarding the notorious "Amazon Effect" 

Listen to your users-NOW!

By: Marisa White

Deb Zell is an experience design and product leader, currently overseeing the experience design team at Dell Technologies improving post-merger experience. She dives into her experience at the organization and how you begin to hear the voice of your user immediately!

PART 2: Maturity to Digital & Design: Nokia's Current Journey

By: Jose de Francisco Lopez

The maturity to digital and design can be tricky to define in many organizations. With such a spectrum of expertise and knowledge, who really is a leader? Jose evaluates the status of Nokia's maturity in both technology, analytics, and human centered design. 

Digital Product by Design 101

By: Marisa White

What is Digital Product by Design? What are the challenges and ideas we are addressing when it comes to Digital Product? 

PART1: What is Human-Centered Design?

By: Jose de Francisco Lopez

Pulling from the expertise of our speaking faculty, we take a moment to interview Jose De Francisco Lopez, Head of Studio at Nokia, on his use and introduction to human-centered design and design thinking. See more in Part 1 of a three part interview series. 

Welcome to Digital Product by Design!

By: Marisa White

We have launched! Our newest event in the Design & Innovation portfolio, the Digital Product by Design program takes on the design doing and delivery of digital product innovation.