2019 Digital Product by Design Brochure

2019 Digital Product by Design Brochure

Take a look at the Digital Product by Design 2019 Brochure and join us this July 29-31 at The Line Hotel in LA! Complete the form and download the agenda for a full speaker list, agenda sessions, site tours, and conference highlights. 

This event is unlike any other of its kind.
Delivered through a series of focus groups, interactive workshops, gamified networking and case study-powered keynotes, Digital Product by Design is 100% how-to oriented and take-away-driven

How will we deliver this? 

  • Purposeful partner interactions
  • Create the program you want to hear
  • The take-away handbook
  • Differentiated learning formats 

And more! 

Not sure what Digital Product by Design is? take a look at the 101 guide to learn more. 

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